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From the symphonic stage to the opera pit, multi-faceted conductor Dianna Fiore has enjoyed success with a wide variety of genres and ensembles. Her vast repertoire covers everything from the standard symphonic and operatic canon to the works of living composers. Dr. Fiore currently serves as a guest conductor for the newly-formed Nebraska Medical Orchestra and is the cover conductor for the Omaha Area Youth Orchestras.


While a student at James Madison University, Dr. Fiore worked extensively with the JMU Symphony and Chamber orchestras, as well as the JMU Opera Theatre program. A strong advocate for community engagement and service, she also aided in the organization of Chamber Orchestra performances in local assisted living communities. As a master’s student at the University of South Carolina, Dr. Fiore worked with the USC Symphony, Chamber, and Campus orchestras. She was also involved in the development of the new-music ensemble CICA (Collaborations in Contemporary Art), which still operates successfully to this day.


Dr. Fiore is graduate of James Madison University, where she earned the Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Orchestral Conducting, Pedagogy & Literature. Her dissertation, "String Fundamentals for the Non-String-Playing Conductor” is an important resource for conductors and music educators alike. Her primary conducting mentors were Robert McCashin, Foster Beyers, Tonu Kalam, and Donald Portnoy. She has also studied choral conducting with Jo-Anne van der Vat-Chromy and wind conducting with Stephen Bolstad.


Dr. Fiore enjoys road biking and spending time with her fiancé, conductor Ian Passmore.


Dianna Fiore

Tel: 973.600.1315


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